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This eye-catching diamond ring offers unique and elegant modern design combined with timeless vintage touches! The ring features a dazzling and substantial 1.26ct marquise cut diamond bordered by sparkling ribbons of vibrant accent diamonds. This diamond is ideal cut which means it has great brilliance and no bowtie. It is also exceptionally clean with VS1 clarity and appears perfect under 10x magnification. It stands out beautifully against the blush warmth of the 14k rose gold. The chic, modern east west setting is beautifully complemented by vintage inspired engraving on the shank for a look that is the best of both worlds! Combining vintage sophistication with modern glamour, this striking ring is an excellent choice for an engagement ring or right hand ring! The sizeable 1.26ct center diamond is exceptionally clean, graded VS1 for clarity. Even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in this diamond! Graded J-K for color, it faces up nicely white in this setting. Any very subtle touch of warmth is overwhelmed by the bright white reflections in the sparkle. Furthermore, the warmth of the rose gold setting helps keep the diamond looking brighter white in contrast. The diamond is excellently cut and has absolutely phenomenal light performance! The diamond is lively throughout and even the sides facets light up nicely, where marquises typically show some bowtie. The accent diamonds are all bright white and 100% eye clean, graded G-H for color and VS2-SI2 for clarity. Very well cut, they exhibit great sparkle and brilliance. The setting is made from solid 14k rose gold. The ring measures 7.5mm across (north south) and 4.0mm from finger to top. Romantic, elegant, and full of head-turning sparkle, this striking diamond ring is sure to impress as an engagement or right hand ring. You are sure to fall in love with this beauty’s timelessly stylish look and brilliance!
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