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This glamorous and timelessly elegant vintage engagement ring positively exudes class! It features a stunningly substantial, gorgeously vibrant 1.95ct marquise cut diamond with excellent VS1 clarity! Hand cut a lifetime in the past, this marquise cut certified diamond has wide facets that create bold sparkle and fire! It almost resembles a very rare Moval cut, which is a cross between a marquise and an oval. These are incredibly hard to find as they highly sought after. Gorgeously substantial, this beauty has truly excellent coverage and a very flattering look on the finger. Its not too skinny like a marquise and gives it a timeless and classic look. Set in sleek and graceful solid platinum, the dazzling center diamond is perfectly complemented by four very high quality baguette cut diamonds set perpendicularly for an elegant geometric touch. The effect is an air of fashionable and glamorous sophistication. This sparkling beauty is an excellent choice for an engagement ring that is sure to impress and will absolutely stand the test of time! Certified by EGL USA, the impressively large 1.95ct center diamond is graded VS1 for clarity. Even under 10x magnification, it is very difficult to find any inclusions in this diamond. Graded K-L for color, it faces up beautifully. Part of the diamond’s antique charm, it does shows a very subtle hint of warmth, as is typical for diamonds from its time period; however, the bright white reflections in the diamond’s sparkle largely overwhelm the color on the face up. When worn on the hand, the diamond appears quite white. Hand cut in the early 1900’s, the diamond is exceptionally rare, completely unique, and guaranteed to be conflict free. Totaling 0.50ct, the accent diamonds are individually quite substantial and an amazing collection. Graded E-F for color, they are bright white and match nicely with the center. For clarity they are graded VS1-SI1, and they are 100% eye clean. The setting is made of solid platinum. The ring measures a substantial 13.6mm across (north south) and 6.1mm from finger to top. It has a very large and dramatic look on the finger! Glamorous yet stately and sophisticated, this ring will remain forever in style! Full of brilliant sparkle and sleek and classic in design, this ring is sure to make an impressive and enduring engagement or right hand ring!
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