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MSRP $19,790

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This elegant and very high quality 2 carat emerald cut diamond has excellent VS1 clarity, very bright white F color, and a gorgeously sophisticated cut! This natural diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premiere gemological authority. Under GIA’s rigorous standards, the diamond received an excellent clarity grade of VS1. Even under 10x magnification, there are no visible inclusions in this diamond. This is a particularly important point for step cut diamonds (such as emerald cuts) as they tend to be less forgiving when it comes to inclusions. Bright white and colorless, it is graded F for color. It is just a couple very subtle shade away from perfect D color. This is a truly excellent combination of color and clarity! The diamond has received a HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment to speed up nature’s process to bring out this bright white color. To clarify, the diamond is an earth-mined natural diamond that has received this permanent treatment, simulating earth’s conditions of temperature and pressure. This is not irradiated but rather it is HPHT, which means the diamond is type IIa. Less than 0.1% of diamonds that come from the Earth are type iia, which is the only type eligible for HPHT. Few diamonds are eligible to have their color improved in this manner, and HPHT is generally considered superior to irradiated since only HPHT can make a diamond white. This diamond does come at a significant discount compared to a non-HPHT treated diamond, which makes it an excellent deal for a colorless and exceptionally clean 2 carat diamond. The diamond’s emerald cut is beautifully elegant, its elongated shape is very flattering on the finger, and it displays a gorgeous, mesmerizing play of light! The emerald cut is a timeless cut that has not changed since the early 1900’s. This particular emerald cut has excellent faceting with great light return and beautiful shape. This is a very well cut diamond overall. It has a time tested air of classic sophistication that will never go out of style! At 1.99ct, this diamond is equivalent in appearance to a 2 carat; however, it is priced at a discount compared to 2 carat as diamond prices jump at the 2ct mark. Exceptional in quality, gorgeously brilliant, and utterly elegant, this diamond is a perfect choice for an engagement or right hand ring! The diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This striking and very high quality 2 carat diamond deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs!
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