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MSRP $5,270

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This gorgeous and substantial 4.88ct radiant cut sapphire is certified by GIA, the premier gemological authority, and displays a beautiful sunny yellow hue! The stone has amazing sparkle that is better than 95% of all sapphires out on the market. The color is classified by GIA as Yellow. It is a beautiful light yellow color with no overtones. The sapphire is transparent, allowing it to be particularly luminous and brilliant. This sapphire is an ideal cut stone with crisp faceting and great life. The brilliance is beautiful and it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. It is eye clean and sparkles in eye catching flashes. The sapphire was mined in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Sri Lanka is known to produce sapphires of exceptional quality and is one of the most prized origins in the world for sapphires. The sapphire is a natural earth mined stone. The yellow tone is a slightly light hue as we had originally thought it was unheated due to the color. In GIA’s opinion, it is heated, as have the vast majority of sapphires to bring out their color. Heating is standard, stable and permanent. However to the naked eye, it has that unheated color as we have owned many unheated yellow sapphires that had this same color! This is a very special natural stone and comes with the GIA lab paperwork (certified in California lab). Whether you are buying for yourself or a special someone, this sapphire is sure to delight! The sapphire is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. It would make a beautiful and unique center stone, adding a gorgeous pop of color to a cocktail ring or alternative engagement ring! This rare and exceptional beauty deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs!
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