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MSRP $18,470

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This natural emerald and diamond vintage cocktail ring is absolutely glamorous, lush with rich green color and brilliant sparkle. A bright and vibrant green, the 9 carat emerald is certified by GIA and is believed to be Russian in origin. The stone has a huge spread of 16mm x 11.7mm as the dome is not overly tall, creating a larger size you will love! This one of a kind piece is set amidst 0.85ct of radiantly sparkling, high quality accent diamonds. The platinum setting is beautifully designed with gracefully intertwining shapes and elegant cut-outs. The effect is a luxurious air of Old Hollywood glamour! Truly one of a kind, this eye-catching cocktail ring will absolutely stand out in the crowd and show off your unique sense of style! Certified by GIA, the approximately 9 carat emerald center is a highly saturated green, a rich color reminiscent of summer forest foliage. It is transparent, allowing light to pass through and making this gorgeous emerald particularly luminous. The emerald was sent to GIA to be certified; however, the lab could not confirm the origin with certainty as the stone has features of both Russian and Zambian material. This unique estate piece is truly very special and rare. The diamonds are graded F-G for color, which are very bright white, contrasting stunningly with the green of the emerald. They are graded VS for clarity, and are exceptionally clean, an important factor for baguette cuts as they are less forgiving when it comes to inclusions. Even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in any of the diamonds! Excellently cut, the diamonds have vibrant life, and give this ring dazzling sparkle! Fully unique, and classically glamorous, this gorgeous and high quality cocktail ring is sure to delight and impress! This beauty is heirloom quality and will bring joy to your family for generations to come!
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