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MSRP $1,000

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This gorgeous certified diamond and 18k white gold wedding band is simply elegant and absolutely top quality! Graded F for color and Internally Flawless for clarity, the princess cut diamonds are truly exceptional quality! This is not an overstatement; the diamond are indeed certified flawless which is extremely rare. These spectacular diamonds are set in a sleek and elegant 18k white gold band. Elegant, refined, and luxurious, this band is stunning on its own or as part of a stack! The diamonds are certified by IGI, and the certification number is stamped on the inside of the shank. The report can be verified on the IGI website with report number 31333996. IGI’s USA laboratory is known for their strict grading and is very comparable to GIA standards. Graded IF for clarity, the diamonds are completely free from any natural internal characteristics even under a microscope. There are no inclusions at the highest level of magnification! Graded E-F for color, the diamonds are bright white and colorless. They are just a couple very subtle shades away from perfect D color. These are completely natural, earth-mined diamonds without any treatments or enhancements of any kind. The 18k white gold setting is sleek and stately, a perfect complement to the square profiles of the princess cuts. The ring measures 2.2mm across (north south) and 2.1mm from finger to top. The physical paper certificate is not currently included in the purchase though one can be obtained through IGI lab. This stately ring is stunning on its own or as an elegant addition to a stack. It is an excellent choice for a wedding band!
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