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MSRP $8,580

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Featured here is a sparkling pear shape diamond that has been certified by GIA that is a top tier Si2! There are many Si2 diamonds out there but this is a top Si2 because the table is completely clean and there are no black carbon inclusions! This is a perfect Si2 which is engagement ring quality. The diamond has also been graded very good in polish and symmetry giving it brilliant sparkle which must be seen in person. It is a well cut diamond that exhibits great brilliance which also helps to make it 100% clean to the naked eye with no visible inclusions. There are no dark or black inclusions and any natural internal characteristics blend so well with the faceting of the stone that they are difficult to see even with magnification. It also has no fluorescence and an overall bright appearance. Fluorescence can sometimes give diamonds a milky or hazy appearance, but this stone has no fluorescence at all! This diamond was certified by GIA in the United States and is generally considered superior to the GIA stones graded in India. Though the GIA labs are supposed to be consistent across the globe, it has recently become a known issue that GIA's labs in India will grade with 1/2 to 1 grade softer than the American Headquarters lab. When comparing with large marketplace broker sites, the least expensive stones are almost always coming from India, mostly due to this grading discrepancy. Please be aware that buying through the brokerage sites, who don't own the stones, those least expensive stones coming from overseas often have secondary colors (such as brown or green tints) or slight grading discrepancies. The diamond is being sold loose although it may be set into one of our mountings upon request. Make this gorgeous pear shape diamond with GIA certification yours before it has sold! It is being offered at a fantastic price!
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