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Featured here is a sparkling GIA certified G, VS1 radiant cut diamond that looks stunning in person! This 0.75ct diamond measures 5.27mm by 4.84mm with cut corners. It is a bright white diamond with G color, showing no warmth at all. It is even better than eye clean, as inclusions are nearly impossible to find even under 10x magnification! The diamond is well cut for exceptional brilliance that must be seen in person. The photo here is the actual photo of the stone as we do not do stock photos like many other sellers. The stone looks even better than this photo. This is a high quality diamond that is sure to impress. It also has no fluorescence and an overall bright appearance. Fluorescence can sometimes give diamonds a milky or hazy appearance, but this stone has no fluorescence at all. This diamond was certified by GIA in the United States and is generally considered superior to the GIA stones graded in India. Though the GIA labs are supposed to be consistent across the globe, it has recently become a known issue that GIA's labs in India will grade with 1/2 to 1 grade softer than the American Headquarters lab. The stone is being sold loose although it can be mounted in one of our settings upon request. Please contact us for our inventory of settings or let us know if you are interested in custom design. In addition to its GIA certification, the diamond has been laser inscribed by GIA with the item report number so you can be absolutely sure that the diamond is the same diamond that has been certified. Don't miss your chance to own this gorgeous 3/4 carat GIA certified radiant cut diamond before it has sold! A high grade diamond like this one is sure to become in heirloom diamond that will stay in your family.
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