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Featured here is a very special ideal cut vintage diamond that is one of a kind and very high quality. In terms of the 4 c's of color, clarity, cut and carat weight, it is a very high quality diamond. The stone is white, very clean, and has a great cut and sparkle. It has been cut to ideal proportions which gives the diamond wonderful light performance! It is a one of a kind Art Deco diamond that boasts wonderful old world faceting such as a small table, broad faceting and a visible open culet. The diamond was cut to ideal proportions to reflect maximum light back at the viewer, making it a very brilliant and bright diamond! It has a great size and a one of a kind look that simply isn't found in modern round cut diamonds. This vintage Old European cut diamond has been certified by EGL-USA. It has also been appraised by UGS with a replacement value of $11.730.00. The diamond has beautiful white sparkle and faces up without any warmth. As shown in the photo in the saturated blue and yellow facets, the diamond sparkles with gorgeous flashes of colorful fire. Fire occurs as the faceting of the stone breaks light rays into individual hues of the color spectrum and it is quite dazzling! We highly recommend a first hand look as fire and sparkle cannot fully be captured in a photo. It has great VS1 clarity which means it is even better than eye clean as inclusions are very difficult to find even under 10X magnification. Overall, it is a high quality diamond and we are proud to have this in our inventory as this has beautiful brilliance. The old world character really pops through the antique faceting of the stone. The diamond is being sold loose although it can be mounted in one of our settings upon request. Make this one of a kind 1.03ct Old European cut diamond with EGL-USA certification yours before it has sold! It is one of the nicer old Euros that we have amongst the few hundred we have in stock.
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