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A gorgeous and sophisticated combination of vintage and modern, this stunning diamond ring features a dazzlingly brilliant and exceptionally clean 0.80ct fancy champagne diamond paired with a gorgeously detailed 18k yellow gold filigree setting. Graded VS2 for clarity, the diamond is completely eye clean, and very well cut, it sparkles with fiery brilliance! The timelessly romantic mounting is studded with vibrant diamonds and elegantly structured with loops of milgrain accented filigree. The rich warmth of the 18k yellow gold setting pairs beautifully with the center diamond’s subtle and unique champagne hue. With a dazzlingly brilliant diamond and an elegantly romantic setting, this gorgeous ring is an excellent choice for an eye-catching right hand ring or a unique twist on a classic engagement ring! The lively 0.80ct round brilliant cut center diamond has a very unique subtle champagne color that looks stunning against the yellow gold mounting. The pretty light yellow hue is beautifully highlighted by the diamond’s vividly colorful fire! Graded VS2 for clarity, the diamond is 100% eye clean. Even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in this diamond. Very well cut, the diamond is gorgeously lively and brilliant! Graded G-H for color and VS1-SI1 for clarity, the accent diamonds are bright white, eye clean, and vibrant. They offer a bright contrast and stand out beautifully against the yellow gold setting. The diamonds are all completely natural, earth-mined, without any treatments or enhancements of any kind. The setting is made of solid 18k yellow gold. It measures 5.8mm across (north south) and 7.6mm from finger to top. Rich in color with a timeless, romantic design, this striking ring is glamorous yet refined! It would make an elegant engagement or right hand ring that will never go out of style!
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