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This breathtaking diamond studded cocktail ring is elegantly designed with an artful, geometric structure and was masterfully crafted by hand a lifetime in the past during the illustrious Art Deco era. Measuring an eye catching 22.7mm across, this striking vintage ring will make a unique and glamorous addition to your wardrobe! The ring features three high quality and vibrant old European cut diamonds and is accented with vintage single cut and custom triangular diamonds. Triangular diamonds from this era are exceedingly rare, making these dazzling vintage diamonds very special and storied! We buy quite a bit of antique jewelry and to see old style cut triangular is extremely rare! This is a very special piece that is not replaceable. The 14k white gold setting artfully showcases the diamonds in a chic geometric design with intricate engraving and precise cutouts all meticulously executed by hand. These masterfully crafted details add gorgeous depth and dimension. The effect is beautifully sophisticated with a charming air of Art Deco glamour! The ring’s historied provenance, its unique design, and exquisite craftsmanship as well as its sheer size make this beauty a one of kind statement piece - you won’t find anything like it. Totaling 0.30ct, the three center diamonds are exceptionally clean, graded VS for clarity. Even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in these diamonds. Graded H-I for color, they face up beautifully white. The accent diamonds are also beautifully white and eye clean. Graded F-H for color, they show no warmth and match beautifully. Graded VS-SI for clarity, any inclusions are too small to pick out with the naked eye. The diamonds were all cut by hand during the first several decades of the 20th century. They are all absolutely unique, and the triangular ones are a particularly rare find! The diamonds are all completely natural earth mined and have not received any treatments or enhancements. The setting is made from solid 14k white gold. The ring measures a striking 22.7mm across (north south) and 3.4mm from finger to top. Glamorous, sophisticated, and completely unique, this ring makes a gorgeous statement. Stand out from the crowd! Make this vintage beauty yours before it’s snapped up!
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