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MSRP $1,120

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Featured here is a lovely sapphire and diamond semi mount ring with vintage inspired details! This ring is full of old world charm with filigree and engraved details that are inspired from the early 1900s. Four blue sapphires were custom cut to fit this ring exactly. They are long baguettes which create a true Art Deco look and a lovely pop of color. Twenty diamonds complement the gemstones and are bright white as well as 100% clean to the naked eye. The mounting can accommodate a round stone or any cut corner stone such as asscher cut, a deep cut corner radiant cut or rounded corner cushion cut. It can accommodate a round stone from approximately 4.8mm to 5.8mm but the inside range will be easiest to mount. For asscher cut, and particular radiant and cushion cuts, it will hold approximately 4.8mm to 5.3mm. We recommend that we mount the center stone for you as this is a more difficult setting job than the average local jeweler is used to seeing. If you do not have the perfect stone for this center, be sure to contact us for the ideal center stone! We are sure to have something that will look complement the ring perfectly. The ring is made of solid 14 karat white gold and measures 8.3mm across (north-south) and 4.6mm from the finger to the top of the ring. We are also offering this ring in limited quantities with emeralds or rubies in white gold. Included with the sale is a three month warranty on this particular ring presuming that we set the center stone for you. This gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring setting can only be found here! Make it yours before they have sold!
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