Custom design
by Ilya Fine Jewelry
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Imagination knows no boundaries
It all starts with a bit of inspiration.
The piece is created using specialized design software. When the design is finished, a wax model is made using a 3D printer.
Finished custom design
The wax model is used to cast the piece in metal where it is then set with stones and polished to perfection.
  1. Send us a photo or sketch of any piece of jewelry that your client is seeking with the size specifications. If you’re in need of inspiration, take a look at our portfolio of original vintage and custom designed pieces.
  2. Our talented designer will re-create the piece using CAD to be approved by you. We will send you the design rendering or you may request to see a physical wax model. The model will be a 1:1 scale replica of how your finished piece will look.
  3. Once the design has been approved, we will proceed to manufacture your piece until completion.