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Ilya Fine Jewelry has roots in the jewelry trade spanning three generations. It all began with Markus Kunin who apprenticed under a Faberge master engraver. A true artisan, he still hand engraves jewelry to this day. Markus's grandson, Ilya Kunin took his grandfather’s craft to heart when he started his own jewelry manufacturing business. With a deep appreciation for the masterful craftsmanship and fine detail present in vintage metalwork, Ilya sought out modern technologies and hired a team of in house experts to recreate this fine detail work. Today, Ilya Fine Jewelry offers this same appreciation for detail, craftsmanship, and originality at accessible pricing. Trained on complex vintage filigree and engraving, the Ilya Fine Jewelry team is well equipped to handle even the most intricate of designs and the finest of details.

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Unique Designs

Our thoughtfully designed collections will set your shop apart. Our collections feature an array of different aesthetics, so you are sure to find a look that speaks to your target customer.

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Intricate CAD

Our talented CAD designers can render incredibly fine details. With an eye for precision and deep knowledge of the technology, they will bring your vision to life!

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Expert Finishing

Our highly skilled team can create a variety of fine finishes. Our offerings include hand cut claw prongs, florentine finish, hand engraving, and enamel.

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Large selection of diamonds

We have a large selection of loose stones on hand, including hard to find old cuts. We have an excellent selection of GIA certified staples at competitive pricing. Memo Available.

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