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MSRP $2,360

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A beautiful pairing of modern and rustic, this truly unique diamond ring features a substantial 1.07ct round brilliant cut natural diamond set in a 14k gold solitaire design that combines modern edge with sleek and simple design. Constructed with geometric filigree and finished with black rhodium, the ring manages to appear at once strong and delicate. Channeling an industrial chic aesthetic, this ring is absolutely unique with an air of modern elegance! A fully original piece, this ring was designed and crafted in our own Chicago shop. The 1.07ct round brilliant cut diamond is truly one of a kind, and it displays lively brilliance. With its chic, modern aesthetic and timeless profile, this charming ring is an excellent choice for an elegant cocktail ring or a unique engagement ring! The diamond is completely natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements. The 1.07ct round brilliant cut diamond was carefully selected from a set of beautifully varied natural diamonds to create an aesthetic, harmonious look that works perfectly with the setting. Graded G-H for color, it is beautifully white and stands out brightly against the black rhodium finish. Graded I1-I2 for clarity, the inclusions are tiny and well dispersed throughout the diamond. They do not jump to the eye, and the diamond’s round brilliant cut displays lovely sparkle. The setting is made of solid 14k white gold finished with black rhodium. The ring measures 7.4mm across (north south) and 5.0mm from finger to top. Simple and modern with a substantial natural diamond, this beautiful ring is an excellent way to show off your style! Make it yours before it’s snapped up!
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