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This 1.08ct vintage pear cut diamond offers exceptionally bright white D color, an eye clean appearance, vibrant sparkle, and an extremely hard to find elongated cut. Certified by GIA, the diamond received the top possible color grade: D. It is perfectly colorless! Measuring 11.47mm in length, the diamond has an absolutely spectacular spread and excellent coverage, with a look comparable to a pear cut diamond of 1.5ct or more! The elongated cut is very flattering on the finger and has a striking and glamorous presence. Hand cut a lifetime ago, the diamond is exceptionally rare, completely unique, and guaranteed to be conflict free. It is an excellent choice for a unique and eye catching engagement ring, right hand ring, or pendant. The diamond is certified by GIA, the premier gemological authority. Under GIA’s strict standards, the diamond is graded I1 for clarity; however, it is eye clean! An excellent I1, the inclusions blend perfectly into the diamond’s intricate sparkle. The majority are very small, and the largest of the inclusions are thin and white. They disappear in the sparkle and even under a close and thorough inspection they remain hidden. The diamond is brilliantly white, receiving a grade of D for color (the highest possible color grade). This is a particularly important point for pear cut diamonds as they tend to show more color than round diamonds. This diamond will stand out brightly against any background! Measuring 11.47mm by 5.56mm, it has an excellent spread and beautifully large look. Still photography cannot capture this diamond’s gorgeous brilliance and sparkle; the photos do not do it justice! This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This is a very special diamond that is colorless, eye clean, and has a rare elongated cut that looks much bigger than its weight. This striking beauty deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs! Brilliantly white and vibrant, this charming vintage diamond would be a wonderful choice for a pendant, engagement ring, or cocktail ring. Once it’s sold, we will not be able to replace it.
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