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These striking vintage drop earrings feature two vibrant old European cut diamonds surrounded by glittering halos of high quality vintage single cut diamonds. Totaling 0.70ct, the two center diamonds face up bright white and display dazzling sparkle. These rare diamonds are completely unique, guaranteed to be 100% conflict free, and full of old world charm. Crafted by hand a lifetime in the past during the late Art Deco era of the 1930s - 1940s, the elegant 14k rose gold settings are utterly classic and imbued with an air of old world grace and charm. Elegant, glamorous, and historied, these earrings would make an impressive anniversary gift or a luxurious treat for yourself! The two center diamonds are beautifully white, graded H for color. Graded SI3-I1 for clarity, they are 100% eye clean in the ear. The inclusions blend very well into the sparkle and are difficult to pick out even under close scrutiny. The diamonds retain their full bright and lively brilliance. As old European cut diamonds, they have wide facets that return bright and bold sparkle as well as vivid fire. Overall, this is a gorgeous pair. Totaling 0.42ct, the accent diamonds add substantial sparkle. Graded G-H for color, they are bright white. For clarity, they are graded VS with just one diamond graded I1. In the VS diamonds, even under 10x magnification, there are no visible inclusions. The I1 diamond has pleasant inclusions and blend in well with the other diamonds. They work well as a set and give these earrings a bright and fiery look! The diamonds are all 100% natural earth mined, and they have not received any treatments or enhancements. The settings are solid 14k rose gold. The earrings measure 10.0mm in diameter. These exceptional diamond earrings are bright and lively, full of history, absolutely one of a kind, and stunningly beautiful! You will certainly enjoy the brilliance and charm of these antique beauties!
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