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This lively 1.15ct GIA certified emerald is excellent in quality and displays a vibrant, bright green color! The color is truly spectacular, a striking and bright vivid green reminiscent of fresh spring shoots. GIA determined the emerald to be Brazilian in origin. The emerald was mined in Minas Gerias, Brazil, a mine known for producing very high quality emeralds. This mine is known to produce emeralds that rival Colombian quality. With its gorgeous color and vibrancy, this beauty is no exception! The emerald is an even and well saturated green reminiscent of fresh spring leaves. It has gorgeous vibrancy and a beautiful play of light. The emerald is quite luminous. It has great clarity that allows for a lively play of light. The inclusions are minor and spread out. The majority are transparent which allows them to hide and the stone to sparkle. There are no heavy inclusions here. It’s a very very pleasant and beautiful emerald. The vast majority of emeralds on the market have been significantly clarity enhanced as this is a standard treatment for emeralds. GIA graded this emerald as moderately clarity enhanced (moderate oil), although we believe that it is closer to minor oil. Oil treatment for emeralds is so routine that it is quite rare to find an emerald with even this amount of treatment! Overall, it is a captivating and high quality stone with fantastic presence! A truly special and stunning gem, this emerald would make a gorgeous center for an eye-catching ring or pendant! Please inquire about putting this fantastic emerald into a piece of jewelry. We specialize in manufacturing and have various ideas on how to dress up this heirloom Emerald. Make it yours before it’s snapped up!
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