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This ravishing antique ring is utterly unique, full of big bright sparkle and Art Deco charm! Certified with a color grade of F-G, the 1.22ct Old European cut center diamond is brilliantly white, a rarity in old cut diamonds! The diamond is eye clean and exhibits great brilliance. It sparkles dazzlingly in the middle of a richly detailed and elegantly structural 18k white gold setting. Intricately textured with hand engraving and accented with royal blue French cut sapphires, this ring is a testament to the masterful workmanship of its Art Deco artisan. The eye clean and impressively sizeable diamond was cut by hand in the early 1900s, so it is completely unique, guaranteed to be conflict free, and imbued with meaningful history. This stunning antique ring carries with it a lifetime of history and provides a meaningful connection to the past, making it an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring. Certified by EGL-USA, the substantial 1.22ct diamond is brilliantly white, graded F-G for color. Diamonds from this time period tend to show a touch of warmth, so it is very rare to find an Old cut with such bright white color! Graded SI3 for clarity, the diamond is eye clean. A truly exceptional SI3, the inclusions are all white, thin and spread out, so they blend perfectly into the sparkle. Furthermore, the primary inclusion is small and located on the very edge of the diamond, so it hides extremely well and is not at all noticeable. We had expected an SI2 grade for this diamond on account of its clean appearance, but EGL-USA was unusually strict on this clarity grade. It is very possible that, were it rechecked, it would receive a grade of SI2. Overall, this is a great stone as it is priced as an Si3 but has a beautiful white clean appearance. The sapphires are a rich, well saturated blue reminiscent of a deep blue ocean. It is likely that the sapphires are synthetic, as this was typical for the time period; however, we cannot know for sure without further testing. The 18k white gold setting is richly textured and iconically Art Deco in design. The ring measures 12.8mm across (north south) and 7.1mm from finger to top. Completely unique, artfully crafted, and full of history and Art Deco glamour, this stunning antique ring is an excellent choice for an enduring and meaningful engagement ring or right hand ring!
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