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MSRP $17,410

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This one of a kind vintage ring has an elegantly structural Art Deco design and features an absolutely stunning 1.28ct GIA certified Old European Cut diamond. The hand cut diamond is strictly graded I SI1 and has truly magnificent flashes of colorful fire. This combination of color and clarity is perfectly ideal to get a white, clean diamond considering GIA’s strict standards. Its truly very white and completely clean, making it perfect for an engagement ring. The 18k white gold setting combines geometric elements, cut outs, and clean lines with filigree curls and organic imagery for an effect that is architectural and richly detailed; it is the perfect complement to the extraordinary diamond. Fully unique and crafted by hand during the heyday of the Art Deco era, this ring offers not only glamorously bright sparkle, but also longevity and an enduring, meaningful connection to the past. The diamond is certified by GIA, the most respected gemological authority in the world. Under GIA’s strict guidelines, the diamond received a clarity grade of SI1. It is completely eye clean; the inclusions are much too small to be seen with the naked eye. The are not even readily apparent under 10x magnification. The diamond received a color grade of I and appears beautifully white facing up. Diamonds from its time period tend to show a bit of warmth, so this diamond is exemplary, above average in color for an Old European cut. Hand cut with wide facets, the diamond has dazzling, big, bold sparkle! This is a truly special piece, beautifully designed, set with a truly stunning diamond, and imbued with a lifetime of history! This ring is an excellent choice for an impressive and enduring engagement or right hand ring.
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