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MSRP $85,800

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Featured here is a one of a kind engagement ring with a rare GIA certified fancy light pink diamond! This is a natural earth mined stone that has not received any treatments or enhancements. It's color is 100% natural and pink diamonds are highly desirable and in demand! The diamond is well saturated and as its GIA certification shows, there are no additional color modifiers like brown or orange. That is very important as the color modifiers such as "brownish pink" bring down the value significantly. This one is a pure bubblegum pink color and is very rare! The diamond is considered fancy light so has more saturation than a light pink or faint pink, by comparison. The color is truly something special and it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The ring is designed with rose gold underneath the diamond to bring out a greater saturation. In person, this diamond appears closer to Fancy pink rather than fancy light. The color is definitely strong and its very rare to find one of this quality! It is a beautiful oval cut diamond that is eye clean and graded SI2 in clarity. It is a fantastic SI2 stone as its natural internal characteristics blend very well with the sparkle of the diamond and require magnification before they can be seen. The diamond is considered eye clean. Please note many fancy colored diamond don't have the clarity grade written on report when they are lower clarity. This is GIA certified Si2. Complementing the center stone are 0.62ct of excellent cut round diamonds set in a halo and in a split shank. The side stones are very high quality with E-F color and VS clarity. They have been cut to excellent proportions which gives the stones fantastic light performance! They are a wonderful accent to the rare pink diamond center. The ring is made from solid platinum while the center stone is set in a 18 karat rose gold cup to accentuate its natural color. Make this very rare fancy light pink diamond engagement ring yours before it has sold! This is a one of a kind piece that cannot be replaced for this price!
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