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This eye-catching 1.70ct GIA certified oval cut diamond has excellent E color, a completely eye clean appearance, and gorgeous, lively brilliance! Oval cuts are one of the most fashionable and sought after diamond cuts, and its elongated shape is very flattering and eye catching on the finger! The diamond has ideal proportions for light performance and a full spread. With a 1.42 length to width ratio, the diamond has a very attractive shape that provides great coverage! The diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premier gemological authority. Under GIA’s rigorous standards, the diamond received an excellent color grade of E. Bright white and colorless, the diamond is just one very subtle shade away from perfect D color! The stone has crisp white color and does not have any brown, green or milky shades. Graded SI2 for clarity, the diamond is 100% eye clean. The inclusions are small white wisps that blend perfectly into the sparkle. The inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. The diamond has a stunning look with mesmerizing and lively sparkle, and it is very fashionable with its popular and flattering oval shape. The shape and finish on this diamond is absolutely ideal, and it is lively throughout. Even the side facets light up nicely, where ovals typically show some bowtie. Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous stone! At 1.70 carats, it is striking in size, and it has a magnificent presence! With its large size, lively sparkle, bright white color, and completely clean appearance, this diamond is a perfect choice for an engagement ring or right hand ring! The diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. This striking 1.70 carat diamond deserves the perfect mounting, and we would love to share our ideas for custom designs! This stunner would make a truly impressive engagement or cocktail ring!
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