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Elegantly structured and imbued with an air of romantic sophistication, this estate diamond and emerald ring is classically refined! The lively 1.00ct old transitional cut center diamond is bright white and strikingly brilliant. Bridging the gap between old cuts and modern round brilliants, old transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time in the late Art Deco era and are exceptionally rare. The shoulders of the timeless platinum setting are studded with glittering accent diamonds as well as a band of vibrant green custom cut emeralds. Lush in color, and utterly elegant, this artfully designed diamond ring is a perfect choice for a stunning engagement ring or right hand ring. The diamond is bright white, graded F-G for color. Graded SI3-I1 for clarity, it has full brilliance and inconspicuous white inclusions. The primary inclusion is white and located on the crown of the diamond rather than the table. It is pleasant, and it blends nicely into the faceting. Even under close scrutiny, it hides quite well. There are no black inclusions in this diamond whatsoever. The few inclusions are small, thin, and white, invisible to the naked eye. It is eye clean on the hand. Overall, the diamond is very bright and vibrant. As an old transitional cut, the diamond has old style facets and bold sparkle similar to an old European cut but with proportions similar to modern standards and a smaller culet. It absolutely retains the unique charm of a hand cut stone. This diamond is the best of both worlds with old style faceting and also exceptional light performance. The accent diamonds are bright white and exceptionally clean, graded F-G for color and VS for clarity. The setting is made of solid platinum. The emeralds are a rich, well-saturated green reminiscent of lush forest foliage. They contrast strikingly with the bright white of the diamonds and the platinum. The emeralds are cut and set with exceptional craftsmanship. Each emerald is individually cut to fit in the channel with zero gaps. This is a highly skilled and labor intensive process, that truly makes this ring a work of art! The emeralds are believed to be natural. The setting is substantial and crafted in solid platinum which gives it a luxurious heft. The ring measures 7.6mm across (north south) and 6.3mm from finger to top. Completely unique, artfully crafted, and utterly elegant, this stunning vintage diamond ring is an excellent choice for a meaningful engagement ring or right hand ring!
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