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Set with vibrant green onyx and olive green sapphires, this elegant eternity ring offers rich color and timeless design with a modern twist. One half of the ring is set with bright green onyx, while the other half of the ring is set with beautiful green sapphires with a serene green hue. This versatile half and half design can be rotated to produce a variety of looks! The gemstones create a beautiful color combination, and the warmth of the 14k yellow gold setting provides the perfect complement. The ring is full eternity with sapphires and onyx continuing the full length of the shank. The effect is stylish, striking, and elegant! It is beautiful as a wedding band, in a stack, or worn on its own! The onyx are a richly saturated and gorgeously vibrant green hue that calls to mind fresh spring shoots. The color is extremely similar to emerald but with less inclusions and much more affordable. The sapphires are a pretty and nicely saturated light green hue. The colors are gorgeous in combination! The sapphires and onyx both have beautiful brilliance and offer lively sparkle! The gemstones are all natural, earth-mined stones. The setting is made of solid 14k yellow gold. The ring measures 1.9mm across (north south) and 1.5mm from finger to top. Please note that colors can vary slightly depending on your monitor and display settings. These bands are ideally for stacking together! We have 6 color combinations available in half and half bands, and over 15 solid colors available in this exact style, all in 14k and using natural gemstones. If you are interested in ordering multiple bands, we offer quantity price breaks at quantities of 3, 5, and 10. To receive the discount, please send us a list of the gemstone bands that you would like to purchase (please select the quantities and color combinations from our existing listed stock). Feel free to mix and match! Our standard sizes for this ring are 6.75 and 8.75. We can size the ring to accommodate finger sizes between size 5 and size 8.75. For all ring sizes in this range other than 6.75 and 8.75, the ring can be resized for an additional $40. Sizes 6.75 or 8.75 are no extra charge. When you order, please make sure to note your ring size. Elegant and stylish, this sapphire and onyx eternity band will add a vibrant pop of color to your wardrobe! This beauty is great for stacking, and we encourage you to check out our other bands for stacking inspiration! It is also beautiful on its own and is an excellent choice for a wedding band.
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