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Featured here is a sparkling pair of very bright and lively diamonds with a combined weight of 2.35ct! This is a stunning pair of natural earth-mined stones that have great size, white color and lovely light performance! The diamonds are guaranteed to be 100% natural and free of any treatments or enhancements. They are well selected stones that have inclusions that blend well inside the diamonds and the cut is also pristine, allowing the inclusions to hide in the sparkle. They have been very well cut which allows for stunning sparkle and gives the diamonds an overall bright and brilliant appearance. This makes them perfect for stud earrings. These diamonds are very white, showing no color. These diamonds are high quality, without any issues such clouds, haziness or milkiness. The diamonds have black inclusions, which means the diamond material is very crisp and not cloudy at all. One stone is completely eye clean and is engagement ring quality while the other has very small piques that can be barely seen when focusing in the stone. The dark piques are too small to be visible when worn as jewelry, which makes them perfect for studs. Even at close examination, it take a trained eye and perfect eye sight to see the inclusions. Also, since these diamonds are so well cut and the inclusions are slight, the clarity grade does not impact the brilliance of the stones. Once these diamonds are worn on the ear all you will see is beautiful sparkle! The photos simply do not do these stones justice as the highly magnified photography intensifies any flaws that cannot be seen as easily noticed to the naked eye. We recommend a firsthand look to fully appreciate their fantastic beauty and charm. These are perfect stones for earrings as they have tremendous sparkle and will appear completely clean when worn. For this price, these are some of the best diamonds that money can buy! The diamonds are being sold loose although they may be mounted upon request. Make these gorgeous 2.35ct bright white excellent cut diamonds yours before they have been sold! These natural diamonds are being sold at an incredible value and they cannot be replaced for this price!
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