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MSRP $17,150

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Featuring a stunning 2 carat natural diamond, this striking ring offers eye catching, impressive sparkle and a glamorous design at an excellent value. The center diamond is vibrant, bright white, and exceptionally well cut. It displays dazzling sparkle and great brilliance! This stunning center diamond is surrounded by a substantial diamond halo for a dazzling look that could catch your eye from across the room! The 18k white gold setting is beautifully crafted and offers an elegant backdrop for the diamonds. With its impressive size and brilliant, glittering glamour, this ring is an excellent choice for a striking engagement or right hand ring. The large 2.00ct center diamond is natural earth mined and free from any treatments or enhancements of any kind. It is bright white, graded F-G for color. It shows absolutely no warmth on the face up. The diamond is graded SI3-I1 for clarity with inconspicuous inclusions and full brilliance. The diamond is eye clean on the hand. The primary inclusions are thin and white, so they blend nicely into the sparkle and do not jump to the eye. The additional inclusions are small and well dispersed. There are no clouds or heavy inclusions, and the diamond displays full brilliance. Together with the accent diamonds, the inclusions in the center become more difficult to see. Only under close range and perfect eye sight can inclusions be noticed with the naked eye. Cut with excellent proportions for light performance, the diamond has phenomenal brilliance. The exceptional brilliance masks the inclusions and gives this diamond a bright and eye catching look. Its vibrant sparkle truly sets this diamond apart! The accent diamonds total 0.80ct and add substantial sparkle. Bright white and 100% eye clean, they are graded F-G for color and VS1-SI1 for clarity. They are all very well cut for fantastic light performance. Overall, the sparkle in this ring is outstanding! Made of solid 18k white gold, the setting is high quality and perfect for everyday wear. The ring measures an impressive 12.7mm across (north to south) and 7.5mm from finger to top.Striking and full of head-turning sparkle, this eye catching diamond ring is sure to impress as an engagement or right hand ring. You are sure to fall in love with this beauty’s glamorous look and brilliance!
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