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This striking 2.04ctw pair of old transitional cut certified diamonds is impressive in size, eye clean, beautifully white, and truly dazzling with fiery sparkle! Absolutely unique and eye catching, these beauties are a perfect choice for a beautiful and meaningfully historied pair of earrings. They have a great spread at approximately 6.5mm which is larger than the average 2 carat old cut pair. Bridging the gap between old cuts and modern round brilliants, old transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time and are exceptionally rare. Cut entirely by hand in the late 1920’s to 1930’s, this pair of diamonds is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! Already imbued with life and longevity, these diamonds will make a pair of earrings that is not only eye-catching and stunningly beautiful but also full of depth and history. Both certified by EGL-USA, the diamonds are graded SI3 for clarity, and they are both eye clean. These are great SI3 stones. The inclusions blend perfectly into the faceting and disappears into the diamond’s magnificent sparkle. Furthermore, they could be partially covered when set. Even under very close scrutiny, they hide extremely well. The few inclusions are very small and white, so the table appears completely clean. In the other diamonds, the inclusions are small and well dispersed throughout the diamond. They blend into the faceting because the inclusions are white/transparent and small. Graded H-I for color, the diamonds face up beautifully white, match nicely, and show no yellow. It is quite a wonderful combination of size, color, clarity and history! As old transitional cuts, the diamonds have old style facets and bold sparkle similar to old European cuts but with smaller culets and proportions similar to modern standards. They absolutely retain the unique charm of hand cut stones. Overall, they have a bright, eye-catching, and lively presence! The diamonds are being sold loose, but they can be mounted upon request. Full of old world charm, vivid fire, and vibrant sparkle, these vintage diamonds would make a truly stunning pair of studs. Make them yours before they’re gone!
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