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MSRP $3,150

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Featured here is a gorgeous pair of matching natural emeralds that weigh 3.59ct combined but look much larger! These emeralds have a wonderful forest green hue with fantastic saturation! They also have a big look they have a 4 carat spread based on the diameter. The color is so great that there is adverse effect in having a more shallow cut. The alluring color is truly stunning with deep, rich green and subtle yellow undertones. They must be seen in person to be fully appreciated as this particular hue of green is very difficult to capture in a photograph. When viewing the photos, please keep in mind that there is quite a bit of color variance between different ways of viewing digital media. The emeralds were photographed on an orange/red background to make them appear in the image closer to how they appear in person and this was not done as a trick or deception to intensify their color beyond their true appearance. We highly recommend a first hand look because they look much better than the photos imply. They are earth-mined with no treatments except minor oil, which is standard for essentially all emeralds. These gorgeous pear shaped gemstones will make stunning earring centerpieces, or they can be individually set into any piece of jewelry. We are selling them loose for now until we will make a pair of earrings. Please contact us for your custom earring or jewelry ideas! Overall these are wonderful quality emeralds and they must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. These alluring gemstones are being sold loose but they can be mounted upon request. Please contact us with custom design ideas as once these are finished, it will be an amazing look! These are natural earth-mined emeralds that will be your future heirloom piece! The emeralds measure between 7.59mm long and 10.80mm wide. Make this one of a kind pair of natural pear shaped emeralds yours before they have been sold! These gemstones are an excellent value and they cannot be replaced for this price!
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