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This absolutely breathtaking original vintage diamond ballerina ring is absolutely perfect in quality, luxurious in design, and so full of bold sparkle, it could catch your eye from across the room! The ring features a very high quality 1.14ct GIA certified emerald cut diamond surrounded by a dazzling 3 carat tapered baguette diamond halo. The effect is jaw-dropping, head-turning, Old Hollywood glamour! The substantial center diamond offers excellent VVS2 clarity, bright white G color, and a gorgeously vibrant cut! The halo of tapered baguette cut diamonds are set in shimmering waves that resemble the gracefully ruffling skirt of a twirling ballerina. Totaling a substantial 3 carats, the diamonds are high quality with E-G color and VVS1-VS1 clarity. The platinum setting is expertly crafted with an exacting attention to detail. Crafted a lifetime in the past, the maker of this ring took care to use the highest quality materials, and the inside of the shank is stamped with a serial number, signifying that it was part of a limited and curated collection. Extremely high quality and luxuriously eye catching with a glam retro flair, this unique beauty is sure to stand out in a crowd! The diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premiere gemological authority. Under GIA’s rigorous standards, the diamond received an excellent clarity grade of VVS2. The diamond is completely loupe clean; it is impossible to find any inclusions under 10x magnification. A tabletop microscope is needed to see the tiniest possible inclusion as this stone is near flawless! This is a particularly important point for step cut diamonds (such as emerald cuts) as they tend to be less forgiving when it comes to inclusions. The diamond is graded G for color, and it faces up beautifully white with absolutely no yellow. The diamond’s emerald cut is beautifully elegant, and it displays a gorgeous, mesmerizing play of light! With measurements very close to square, the cut has a look very similar to the sophisticated asscher cut, and the diamond is gorgeously vibrant! The accent diamonds total approximately 3 carats, and they are amazing quality! Graded E-G for color, they are exceptionally bright white. Graded VVS1-VS1 for clarity, it is extremely difficult to find any inclusions in these diamonds under 10x magnification. In many of the diamonds a tabletop microscope is needed to spot any inclusions! The diamonds are exceptionally well cut and create an absolutely dazzling display of sparkle. The diamonds are individually quite substantial as the 3 carats is spread over only 19 stones! Overall, they create an absolutely stunning display! The setting is made of solid platinum. Weighing a substantial 8.0 grams, this ring has both the look and the feel of luxury! Between the 4.14 carats of diamonds and the substantial platinum setting, this ring is an excellent long term investment! The ring measures an impressive 15.2mm across and 8.4mm from finger to top. High quality, luxurious in design, and positively glamorous, this stunning ring absolutely stands out in a crowd! Whether you are buying for yourself or a special someone, this stunning vintage cocktail ring is sure to impress!
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