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An exceptionally rare find, this antique diamond and sapphire bracelet is completely unique and utterly romantic! Beautifully handcrafted over a century in the past, the bracelet features ten old mine cut diamonds arranged around an old mine cut natural sapphire center. Totaling approximately 2.9 - 3 carats, the beautifully white and eye clean diamonds have a striking impact with vibrant sparkle! They are individually quite substantial in size with the largest weighing approximately 0.45ct. With the diamonds and sapphire set in graceful curves across the face of the 14k rose gold bangle, it has an eye catching, elegantly feminine, and enchantingly dreamy effect. Carrying with it all the romance of its more than a century long journey, it is imbued with history and longevity, a beautiful and enduring artifact of the past. The diamonds are eye catching and substantial with approximately 2.9 - 3 carat spread over only 10 diamonds. The diamonds are eye clean, graded VS1-SI2 for clarity. The inclusions are all quite small, and they blend perfectly into the faceting and sparkle, invisible to the naked eye. A couple of the diamonds are exceptionally clean, with no inclusions visible even under 10x magnification. Graded H-J for color, the diamonds face up nicely white and stand out brilliantly against the blush warmth of the rose gold. Any hint of warmth blends nicely with the rose gold, and the diamonds stand out a brighter white in contrast. As old mine cuts, the diamonds are each completely unique with elegant cushion shapes and wide facets that return bold sparkle! They have a sophisticated and romantic air of old world charm. The approximately 0.70ct old mine cut sapphire center has a richly saturated cornflower blue hue. It has an elegant, elongated cushion shape. It is a natural sapphire; under 10x magnification it is possible to see some natural features. This is a rarity as it was very common to use synthetic sapphires in jewelry from this time period. The bracelet is made of solid 14k rose gold. The bracelet measures 18.7mm across (north south) at the widest point. The interior dimensions of the bracelet are 2 x 1.9 inches making it a small. The clasp features a locking mechanism as well as a safety chain for added peace of mind. Handmade with great care around the turn of the century, this bracelet has soaked in more than a hundred years worth of life. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, this bracelet brings with it not only elegant beauty but also meaning and longevity.
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