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We cannot stress enough what a rare and amazing find this necklace is! Fully encrusted with incredibly rare rose and table cut diamonds, this stunning necklace was painstakingly crafted by hand more than two hundred years ago during the Georgian era. Based on the materials, fabrication techniques, and diamond cuts, we can date this necklace back to the late 1700s to as late as the 1840s. This is extremely rare and one of few we have ever owned like this. Totaling approximately 4 carats, the diamonds’ rose and table cuts were executed by hand using very early diamond cutting techniques. One of the earliest diamond cuts, the table cut predates even the rose cut! Each one charmingly unique, they catch the light beautifully and add striking sparkle to this necklace. The photos do not do justice as it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated! The diamonds are displayed in an intricately crafted design featuring flowing ribbons, curling vines, and flowers. The fine detailing and ornate intricacy of this necklace is particularly astounding considering it was formed and fabricated using hand tools and antique technique. It is truly a work of art and an irreplaceable labor of love. Pieces like this were quite rare at the time, and there are very few that have lasted through today. At that time, it must have been a very high ranking member of society who could have owned this. Gathering life for two centuries, this utterly unique necklace is an important piece of jewelry history and a rare and beautiful connection to the past. The diamonds total approximately 4 carats, but their cuts give them a much larger look. Rose cut and table cut diamonds have larger diameters for their weights, giving them quite an impact! The diamonds are graded VS1-I1 for clarity. The diamonds are vibrant and work together well as a set. In many, the material is quite clean. Under 10x magnification, it is possible to see indented naturals on some of the diamonds, with the original octahedron features of the diamond’s growth pattern from the Earth. These are further evidence of the time period and early cutting and polishing techniques. This is very rare feature to see on so many stones in one piece. Graded D-J for color, the diamonds appear beautifully white. The vast majority do not show any warmth. The necklace is crafted by hand in silver. The connecting links appear to have a higher gold content for strength and durability. The necklace was originally 12.5 inches long. There is a chain extension that was added to lengthen the necklace to 14 inches. It will wear properly as a bib necklace and it sits very nicely on the neck. The center of the design measure 1.75in from the top of the bow to the bottom of the flower. Gracefully designed, richly detailed, and stunningly beautiful this antique necklace is steeped in history and full of old world charm! This is an incredibly rare collector’s piece. Once it's sold we certainly will not be able to replace it.
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