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MSRP $3,680

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Adorned with a carat of gorgeously vibrant H-I VS diamonds as well as rich green synthetic alexandrite, this vintage 18k white gold pin brings the charm and the glamour! Made during the Art Deco era, it is completely unique and gorgeously designed. Swooping curves and a floral design combine with sharp geometric elements for an effect that is glamorous and feminine but also chic. The center diamond is a substantial half carat Old European cut, and its wide hand cut facets deliver magnificent, big sparkle. At H-I color and VS clarity, the ½ carat diamond is very special and high quality. Worn as a pin or a pendant, this beauty will show off your unique style and bring an air of vintage romance to your wardrobe! The diamonds are all exceptionally clean, receiving VS clarity grades. Even under 10x magnification it is hard to find any inclusions. Graded H-I for color, they appear beautifully white facing up. In their 18k white gold settings, they stand out brilliantly next to the saturated green of the alexandrite. The alexandrite is believed to be synthetic but is a phenomenal color which is quite rare. We cannot be certain of its provenance without further testing. It is, however, a gorgeous saturated green and very well cut, offering an excellent play of light and color. The 18k white gold perfectly complements the brilliant sparkle of the diamonds and the forest green alexandrite. The pin measures 35.5mm top to bottom, 16.4mm across, and 10mm deep. We can attach a chain upon request so that this beauty can be worn as a pendant. We offer chains in any popular style and any length. The pictured 14k white gold chain is our standard offering and is available at 16 inches for an additional $129. Full of Art Deco charm, glamorously sparkling, and completely unique would make an excellent gift for someone special or for yourself!
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