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MSRP $11,870

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Featured here is an incredible antique platinum bracelet with 4 carats of very high quality G-H, VS diamonds! This is a magnificent bracelet is an irreplaceable luxury item from the Art Deco period that is truly one of a kind. It's gorgeous sparkle and alluring geometric design is sure to take your breath away from the moment you first see it. Thirty-six generously sized Old European cut diamonds with a combined weight of at least 4 carats are set in this bracelet. Its very possible the bracelet has even more than 4 carats! They are all bright white, showing no color (G-H), and most of the stones are even better than eye clean as inclusions are very difficult to find even under 10x magnification(VS)! A couple of the diamonds are Si1 in clarity, but they are all 100% clean to the naked eye. For a pop of dazzling color, thirty-six French cut baguette sapphires are also set in the bracelet. They are original to this nearly 100 year old piece and they cannot be replaced. As common in many Art Deco pieces, these blue sapphires may possibly be synthetic. We cannot say with 100% accuracy without additional testing. One of the sapphires has a very minor surface abrasion and it cannot be seen without magnification. It does not affect the longevity nor the wearability of this bracelet. The bracelet is made from solid platinum and it was made completely by hand, finished with wonderful engraving and milgrain beading. Each line on the sides was individually cut by hand and it was extremely labor intensive to make. We cannot replace this for this price if it was made today. The craftsmanship is truly superb and it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated! The bracelet weighs a substantial 18.2 grams and measures 7 inches in length, 7.8mm wide and it 3.1mm from the wrist to the top of the piece. It is very rich in intrinsic value but due to its rarity and its place in history, its a great investment. This incredible Art Deco platinum bracelet with 4 carats of high quality diamonds is a once in a lifetime piece! It cannot be replaced once sold!
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