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MSRP $6,060

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This gorgeous and high quality old European cut certified diamond has exceptional VS2 clarity, beautiful white color, and magnificent, fiery sparkle! Cut by hand a lifetime ago during the 1920s - 1930s, this 0.92ct diamond is rare, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% ethically sourced! Beautifully substantial, high quality, and full of lively sparkle, this large diamond is truly eye catching. Already imbued with a lifetime of history and vitality, this beauty will make an engagement or right hand ring that is not only impressive and glamorous, but also enduring and meaningfully historied. Certified by EGL-USA, the diamond received a grade of VS2 for clarity. Even under 10x magnification it is difficult to find any inclusions. Graded I for color, the diamond faces up beautifully white, and shows no warmth. As an old European cut diamond, it has wide hand cut facets which return exceptionally big and bright sparkle as well as captivating flashes of colorful fire (rainbow refractions). The diamond has a closed culet, but it displays all the other defining features of an old European cut: the flower patten on the pavilion, small table, high crown, and vivid sparkle. Overall, the diamond has a gorgeous presence! It is truly stunning with bright and bold sparkle and vivid flashes of fire. This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. We encourage you to browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Charmingly vintage, this stunning diamond offers an enduring connection to the illustrious Art Deco era! It is an excellent choice for a gorgeous and historied engagement or right hand ring.
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