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This lively 0.60ct old transitional cut certified diamond is beautifully white displays vibrant brilliance. Measuring approximately 5.4mm in diameter, the diamond has a great spread and large look for its weight! Bridging the gap between old cuts and modern round brilliants, old transitional cut diamonds were produced for a very short period of time and are exceptionally rare. Cut entirely by hand in the 1930’s to 1940’s, this diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! Meaningfully historied, this diamond will bring depth and longevity as well as dazzling beauty to an engagement or right hand ring. Certified by EGL-USA, the diamond received a color grade of G. It is bright white and shows absolutely no warmth. The diamond is graded SI3 for clarity with inclusions that hide very well even under close scrutiny. The diamond is clean to the naked eye. The inclusions are slight and scattered, so they blend into the faceting and sparkle. As an old transitional cut, the diamond has old style facets and bold sparkle similar to an old European cut but with a smaller culet and proportions similar to modern standards. It absolutely retains the unique charm of a hand cut stone. Overall, it is a bright and lively stone with beautiful white color, a clean appearance, and brilliant sparkle! The diamond is 100% natural and has not received any treatments or enhancements of any kind. This diamond is being sold loose, but it can be mounted upon request. Please browse our collection of semi-mounts or inquire about a one of a kind custom design. Full of old world charm, vivid fire, and vibrant sparkle, this diamond is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring. Make this beauty yours before it's gone!
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