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An extremely rare find, this masterfully crafted antique diamond, sapphire, and pearl necklace dates back to the turn of the 20th century and evokes the airily romantic aesthetic of Edwardian design. The ethereal design features a quintet of old European cut diamonds, and its graceful lines are encrusted with rare rose cut diamonds and sapphires. The pendant’s bow and flower accents give the design a dreamy romance, while the exacting symmetry and geometric elements bring a chic edge. A single pearl dangles beneath the bow, adding a sweet, romantic touch. Made by hand over 100 years ago in 18k yellow gold and platinum, this utterly unique necklace is a strikingly beautiful work of artistry, a wearable artifact of a past era. This necklace features five old European cut diamonds and is amply adorned by rose cut diamonds. The ¼ carat center diamond is very high quality. Graded F for color, it is very bright white, just a couple very subtle shades away from perfect D color. Graded VS for clarity, there are no inclusions visible under 10x magnification. The accent diamonds total approximately 0.78ct. The color grades range from F-H, and the diamonds all match beautifully, appearing white facing up. For clarity, the diamonds are graded VS1-I1. The vast majority of the diamonds are completely eye clean, and the inclusions blend perfectly into the sea of sparkle. When worn on the neck, there are no visible imperfections. In this piece, the diamonds do match well and work together nicely as a set. All of the diamonds are hand cut, making each one charmingly unique. The diamonds are all completely natural earth mined and have not received any treatments or enhancements. The sapphires are a rich and even blue hue. It is very possible that the sapphires are synthetic, as this was typical for the time period; however, importantly, they are original to the piece and were cut by hand to fit the setting perfectly. The pendant was crafted entirely by hand well over 100 years in the past, and the details are incredibly well preserved. It is truly a work of art, a testament to the mastery of its Edwardian era artisan. The pendant is made from 18k yellow gold topped with platinum. This approach was common at the time and creates a beautiful, bright background for the diamonds. The pendant has a pin back and can be detached from the chain to wear as a brooch. The chain is 18k white gold. The necklace is 18.5 inches long, and the pendant measures 35.2mm across and 26.3mm from the top of the pendant to the bottom of the dangle. Romantic, historied, and gorgeously designed, this antique necklace is a gorgeous work of art and a rare piece of jewelry history! Show off your unique style with this beauty! Once it is sold we certainly will not be able to replace it.
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