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Artfully designed and absolutely unique, this stunning natural diamond ring combines rustic elegance with a sweetly feminine and beautifully modern organic design. This beauty is part of our line of nature inspired rings that celebrate the boundless and surprising beauty of the natural world by pairing absolutely unique galaxy diamonds with organic and botanical settings. Each diamond has its own earthy and completely unique galaxy of internal features. An excellent metaphor for a loving relationship, it is full of surprises and completely perfect in its imperfection. A fully original piece, this ring was designed and crafted in our own Chicago shop. The 0.70ct round brilliant cut diamond is truly one of a kind; it contains within it a mesmerizing, and fully unique galaxy of swirling, white, natural characteristics. Set in 14k rose gold with a satin finish shank, the diamond is flanked by two intricately rendered roses. Elegant, chic, and fully original, this ring is an excellent choice for a right hand or engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd!The diamond is completely natural earth mined and has not received any treatments or enhancements. The 0.70ct round brilliant cut diamond was carefully selected from a set of beautifully varied natural diamonds to create an aesthetic, harmonious look that makes this ring truly one of a kind and impossible to reproduce! The diamond faces up beautifully white, graded H-I for color. Graded I3 for clarity, the diamond is beautifully unique with pleasant, white inclusions. The diamond’s round brilliant cut displays lovely sparkle. The effect is a gorgeous marrying of the sparkle of this traditional cut with the organic beauty of the rustic diamond. The diamond stands out beautifully against the blush warmth of the solid 14k rose gold setting. The ring measures 5.6mm across (north south) and 4.6mm from finger to top. We also have available a matching wedding band. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the set.Artful, elegant, and unique, this beauty will show off your individual sense of style! It is an Ivy and Rose original design, so you will not find it elsewhere!
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