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MSRP $2,240

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Featured here is a gorgeous wedding band with high quality G-H, VVS-VS diamonds and very long, highly prized 6mm baguettes! Five baguette cut diamonds of varying lengths are firmly channel set in the center of this ring. The stones are uniquely arranged and set closely together with no gaps between the stones. The diamonds are all bright white, showing no color. They are also even better than loupe clean as inclusions are very difficult to find even under high magnification! Its a combination of VVS and VS diamonds set in this ring which means they extremely high purity. The long baguettes on the sides are very special as they are quite rare. They are a little bit longer than 6mm each which is quite extraordinary. These 6mm baguettes typically cost to replace more than what we are asking for the entire ring. They are approximately 0.60ct together depending on the exact depth. They make a great look that spans a significant length around the ring and gives a continuous diamond appearance. Its really quite pretty as the diamonds continue to almost 1/2 eternity. These are some of the highest quality diamonds we currently have in our inventory in terms of clarity! Two of the small baguettes in the center have minor surface abrasions in the corners which cannot be seen to the naked eye. They are quite small do not affect the longevity of the piece as this comes from regular wear. The longer 6mm baguettes do not appear to have any signs of wear. The ring is made from solid 14 karat yellow gold and the measurements are 3.5mm across (north-south) and 3.1mm from the finger to the top of the band. It has a unique style and elegance that is a true one of a kind. Make this band with very high quality diamonds yours before it has sold!
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