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MSRP $5,940

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This timeless vintage ring features a stunning 0.86ct old European cut diamond. The beautifully white and completely eye clean diamond is hand cut with wide facets that deliver dazzlingly bright sparkle and vivid fire. The platinum setting is effortlessly elegant with a sleek design and diamond studded shoulders. Already imbued with history and longevity, this classic vintage diamond ring is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring. The substantial 0.86ct diamond is certified by GIA, the world’s premier gemological authority. Graded SI2 for clarity, it is 100% eye clean. This is an absolutely exceptional SI2, as the defining inclusions is a single transparent needle. It is completely invisible to the naked eye, and even under 10x magnification, it can take some searching to find it. Graded K for color under GIA’s rigorous standards, the diamond faces up beautifully white. Its extremely strict grading as the diamond truly shows next to no yellow! The diamond truly does appear bright white on the face up! This diamond has an excellent combination of color and clarity as it is completely eye clean and faces up bright white without breaking the bank. Overall, it is a magnificent diamond, full of life and fire. The accent diamonds are high quality. Bright white and exceptionally clean, they are graded G-H for color and VS for clarity. The setting is made of solid platinum. The ring measures 6.4mm across (north to south) and 5.3mm from finger to top. Timelessly stylish and refined, this ring is a gorgeously elegant example of classic vintage design. It is an excellent choice for an enduring engagement or right hand ring.
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