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This one of a kind 2.05ctw pair of antique old mine cut diamonds is impressive in size, 100% eye clean, beautifully white, and truly dazzling with fiery sparkle! Cut by hand during the Victorian era of the 1800s, this rare matching pair of diamonds is completely unique, conflict free, and full of old world charm. Beautifully square cut, this pair is exceptionally rare as the majority of old mine cuts have a more rounded cushion shape. The cut of these stones was carefully executed by expert artisans over 100 years ago. Already imbued with more than a century of life, this diamond pair will bring depth and longevity as well as dazzling beauty and impressive size to any piece of jewelry. Graded H-I for color, the diamonds face up beautifully white. They are graded SI1-SI2 for clarity. These are great SI stones with minimal inclusions. The inclusions are too small to see with the naked eye and once they are worn on the ear all you will see is gorgeous flashes of antique old mine sparkle. The old mine cut is known for its wide, hand cut facets which sparkle magnificently with vivid flashes of colorful fire! Finding a matching pair of old mine cut diamonds is very rare as they were cut by hand over 100 years ago before diamond cut shapes and patterns became more standardized. They have a gorgeous air of old world charm. With its spectacular brilliance, and historied cut, this old mine cut pair of diamond truly has a phenomenal presence! The diamonds are being sold loose, but they can be mounted upon request. Full of old world charm, vivid fire, and vibrant sparkle, these antique diamonds would make a truly stunning pair of studs. Make them yours before they're gone!
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