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This timelessly elegant pair of natural diamond studs features a free form natural diamond surrounded by a marquise shaped halo of shimmering pave set diamonds. The center diamonds’ organic cuts have a beautifully rustic feel and are gorgeously complemented by the luxurious sparkle of the diamond halo. The effect is chic and fashionable yet elegant. These earrings add a stylish touch to any outfit and are offered at a remarkable value! The diamonds are all natural and earth mined and have not received any treatments or enhancements. The center diamonds are cut in free form shapes, giving them a charmingly rustic and organic look. The center diamonds are graded SI1-I1 for clarity. The inclusions are pleasant, blending nicely into the organic cuts. Graded I-J for color, they appear nicely white against the black rhodium finish on the settings. The diamonds in the halo are also graded SI1-I1 clarity. The inclusions are too small to pick out with the naked eye, and they have nice sparkle. Graded K-M for color, their subtle warmth blends nicely with the black rhodium and 24k yellow gold finish on the settings, and they stand out brightly in contrast. The settings are 925 sterling silver. On the front they are topped with black rhodium, offering a beautiful contrast to the bright sparkle of the diamonds. The backs are topped with 24k yellow gold creating a rich and luxurious pop of color. The settings are completely made by hand from metal forming to stone setting. These earrings have a charming, handmade artisan quality. The earrings measure a substantial 7.4 x 11.4mm. Elegant enough for a special occasion but simple enough for everyday wear, these earrings are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe!
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