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Featured here is an exclusive vintage inspired ring featuring natural sapphires and diamonds. This Art Deco inspired setting is perfect for a round stone from 4.6mm to 5mm. The ideal size is just in the middle of that range. Please inquire to request options of center diamonds; we have a large stock of vintage cut and modern cut diamonds that will fit this ring. This is an incredible piece of craftsmanship because each sapphire was individually cut and channel set. The stones are perfectly cut one at a time in order to ensure there are no gaps in between the stones. The sapphires have a lovely royal blue color which is bright and full of life. This ring really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated! The sapphires are accented by six round cut diamonds which are white, and have no visible inclusions to the naked eye. The ring is made from solid 14 karat white gold and has gorgeous details on the sides. The measurements are 9mm across (north-south) and 4.5mm from the finger to the top of the center bezel setting. A 5.0mm diamond will fit as long as the girdle is not overly thick and a very experienced stone setter is performing the labor. We can also offer to set your stone for you. Included with the sale is a three month warranty on this particular ring which is also offered with emeralds or rubies and a variety of center mount sizes. Make this gorgeous Art Deco inspired sapphire and diamond halo ring yours! This design can only be found here!
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