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MSRP $4,210

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This gorgeous and high quality vintage engagement ring features a striking and vibrant 0.60ct old European cut diamond and has a classically elegant design that will stay forever in style! The high quality center diamond has exceptional VS2 clarity and beautifully white H color. Cut by hand a lifetime in the past during the 1920s to 1930s, it is rare, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! It is set in a classic platinum mounting with diamond accented shoulders. The minimal detailing on the setting offers a nod to the ring’s antique provenance while preserving its simple, uncluttered, and forever classic look. Gathering life for nearly a century, this elegantly crafted ring is a rare and beautiful connection to the past. It would make an enduring engagement or right hand ring that is not only striking and timelessly elegant, but also imbued with depth and longevity. Graded VS2 for clarity, the center diamond is exceptionally clean. Even under 10x magnification, it is difficult to find any inclusions in this diamond! Graded H for color, the diamond faces up beautifully white and shows no warmth. As an old European cut diamond, it has wide, old style facets that display bold sparkle as well as vivid fire. The accent diamonds are bright white and exceptionally clean, graded G-H for color and VS for clarity. The setting is made of solid platinum. Overall, this is a very high quality ring, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring! The ring measures 5.8mm across (north south) and 5.4mm from finger to top. Charmingly vintage and imbued with an air of class and grace, this beauty is perfect for an engagement or right hand ring that will remain eternally in style!
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