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This effortlessly elegant vintage ring features a beautifully white and eye clean 0.77ct old European cut diamond center set in a refined and timelessly classic setting! Measuring approximately 6.1mm in diameter, the diamond has a great spread and a large look relative to its weight! 6.1mm gives the center diamond the appearance of a 0.90ct+ old cut. Cut entirely by hand a lifetime in the past, the vibrant center diamond is charmingly vintage, completely unique, and guaranteed to be 100% conflict free! The center diamond is flanked by two high quality tapered baguette cut diamonds set in a sleek and stately 14k yellow gold setting. The high quality baguettes are long and slim, giving the shoulders of the ring an elegant, slender, and flattering look. Rare, beautiful, and gorgeously unique, this original vintage ring is an excellent choice for an enduring and meaningfully historied engagement or right hand ring! Graded I for color, the center diamond faces up nicely white. On the face up, any subtle hint of color is completely overwhelmed by the bright white reflections in the dazzling sparkle. The diamond looks quite bright white against the warmth of the yellow gold setting. Graded SI3 for clarity, the diamond is eye clean. A great SI3, the primary inclusion is white and located on the crown of the diamond rather than on the table. The diamond’s table is completely clean. The inclusion blends perfectly into the sparkle and is partially covered by a prong. It is invisible to the naked eye. This diamond has an excellent combination of color, clarity, and cut as it is eye clean, faces up white, and offers a large look without breaking the bank. Cut by hand a lifetime in the past with charming, wide facets, this striking diamond is utterly unique and is imbued with depth, history, and longevity. Overall, the diamond has a magnificent presence with bold sparkle and gorgeous, vividly colorful fire! The accent diamonds are beautifully white and completely eye clean, graded G-H for color and VS for clarity. The ring is crafted in solid 14k yellow gold with a white gold head. The ring measures 6.1mm across (north south) and 7.7mm from finger to top. Elegant and classically sophisticated, this vintage ring is a great choice for an engagement ring or right hand ring! Make it yours before it’s been snapped up!
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