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Featured here is a one of a kind original vintage diamond ring from the Art Deco period with absolutely amazing details! This is one of the most incredible rings we have in our collection as the it is a very cool original Art Deco piece. The vintage center stone is an Old European cut diamond that is full of sparkling old world charm. This stone was believe to have been mined and cut in the early 1900's. The age of this diamond can be seen in its cut with broad faceting, tall crown and small table. It has been graded L-M in color and shows just a slight hint of warmth through its sparkling face-up. It is common for antique diamonds to show a tint of color because of the location of some of the first diamond mines. On the face up, the color is minimal as the sparkle of the stone helps to mask the color. Also, the diamond It is even better than eye clean with VS1 clarity. Any inclusions are very difficult to find even under 10x magnification! Complementing the center stone are eight vintage single cut diamonds that are bright white with G-H color. They are also very clean with VS clarity. The ring is made from a solid 14 karat white gold, minimum. We acid tested the piece and though it is possible that it can be 18k but we guarantee it is at least 14k. It came to us with the stamp worn off and we stamped it 14k after testing. The measurements are 6.4mm across (north-south) and 6.1mm from the finger to the top of the center stone. Make this beautiful original vintage Old European cut diamond ring yours before it has sold! We are certain that you will fall in love with the details. It really is incredible and a true of work of Art from the 1920's. It is a rare one of a kind item that cannot be replaced!
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