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This gorgeous semi-mount combines beautifully complementary color and a romantic vintage inspired design to create the perfect backdrop for a diamond or gemstone of your choice. The chic design is set with brilliantly white and vibrant natural diamonds and encircled by an elegantly scalloped halo of rich red custom cut rubies. The effect is timelessly stylish and romantic! The bezel setting will fit an oval shaped stone 6.3-6.75mm in length by 4.5-5.1mm in width. Please contact us if you are looking for a diamond or gemstone to be set in the center. Eye catching and classically fashionable, this is an excellent choice for a stylish engagement or right hand ring setting! The diamonds are brilliantly white, graded G-H for color. Graded SI for clarity, they are all completely eye clean, stunningly vibrant, and well cut. The rubies are a rich, well-saturated red that contrasts strikingly with the bright white of the diamonds and is beautifully complemented by the blush warmth of the rose gold setting. The rubies are cut and set with exceptional craftsmanship. Each ruby is individually cut to fit in the channel with zero gaps. This is a highly skilled and labor intensive process that truly making this setting a work of art! The diamonds and rubies are natural, earth-mined stones. The setting is made of solid 14k rose gold. The ring measures 14.7mm across (north south) and 4.5mm from the finger to the top of the setting. This setting is available in white gold with emeralds or sapphires as well. This chic Art Deco inspired semi-mount is timelessly elegant and classically stylish! Set with a center stone of your choice, it would make a gorgeous engagement or cocktail ring! We carry a large selection of loose diamonds and gemstones and offer stone setting, so please contact us if you are looking for a center stone or would like us to set your stone in this ring.
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