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An enduring connection to the past both in symbology and provenance, this vintage Eastern Star pin is a striking and well preserved feat of craftsmanship. The symbol for the Order of the Eastern Star is artfully rendered in 14k white gold at the center of an exacting geometric filigree design. An offshoot of the Free Masons, the Order of the Eastern Star was founded in the mid-1800s and is a fraternal order open to both men and women. In accordance with the Eastern Star symbol, each point of the star is set with a different hue of custom cut gemstone. This is very rare to find as typically the stones in these antique pieces are missing or broken. This one is very nicely intact! The filigree is stunningly intricate, and the corners of the pin sparkle with high quality vintage single cut diamonds. This is arguably the finest Easter Star piece we have ever owned, Imbued with history and symbolism, this antique diamond and 14k white gold pin is utterly unique! The diamonds are high quality. Graded G-H for color and VS for clarity, the diamonds are bright white and exceptionally clean. They display vibrant brilliance. The accent gemstones are brilliant and vibrantly saturated. It is likely that these gemstones are synthetic, as this was typical for the time period; however, importantly, they are original to the piece and were cut by hand to fit the setting perfectly. The stones in this pin are all original to the pin, a rarity for a piece like this! The diamonds are completely natural. Overall, the pin is exceptionally well preserved with clear details, engraving, and milgrain. The pin is made of solid 14k white gold and crafted with exacting precision, truly a testament to the mastery of its original artisan. The pin measures 47.0mm (1.8in) x 24.8mm (1in). The pin can be converted to a pendant upon request. Please contact us if you are interested in converting the pin into a pendant or adding a chain for a necklace. This listing is for the pendant only; a chain can be added upon request in any popular style and any length. The pictured 14k white gold chain is our standard offering and is available at 16 inches for an additional $129. Hand made a lifetime in the past and emblazoned with an enduring symbol of a historic order, this pin/pendant is imbued with rich and meaningful history. Once it is sold, we will not be able to replace it.
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